zest school onitsha

Welcome to Zest Schools Onitsha. We hope that as you join us, you will get to feel our family ethos and also get to understand our vision and the values we uphold.

Like all schools, we have our own unique identity and we believe we have created a friendly environment that encourages our pupils to fully learn and develop.

Zest school (Zest Kids School and Zest College) was established with the aim of providing standard education to young lads within and outside Onitsha environs. This is in pursuant to the mission to provide an environment where students discover and achieve their optimum potential, acquire social and moral values, develop a positive self-image and fit in an internationally diverse community.

At zest schools, we endeavour to instil qualities of judgment, self – reliance, Integrity and self – discipline in our pupils. While we do not have a system of rigid rules, our overall code of conduct is based on the need to ensure the security of the pupils as well as consideration for others and high standard of behaviour.

Our school has no formal links to any religious denomination; though the school has always acknowledged its Christian tradition, children from all faith are welcome. We absolutely believe that true faith is measured in the quality of our everyday lives, in our relationship with others, in our willingness to serve and in the power of what we practice rather than preach.

Our students are encouraged to think creatively and independently. The spirit of healthy competition and cooperation is encouraged through sports and other extra – curricular activities.